As New Zealand has a world-class infrastructure, you can be confident that your clients will encounter a high standard of services when they visit. From banking to medical services, be assured that New Zealand services rate among the world’s very best. The banking system in New Zealand is both comprehensive and technologically advanced. Many major international banks are represented in New Zealand and there are numerous Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs), often located near banks, at airports, in shopping centres and in some petrol stations. Most ATM cards can be used as long as they have been enabled for international transactions. All major credit cards can also be used in New Zealand. EFTPOS (Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale) is very widely available – in fact, New Zealand has one of the highest rates of EFTPOS use in the world and visitors will find EFTPOS technology in retail outlets more often than not. CurrencySelect EFTPOS allows Visa and MasterCard customers to opt to pay in New Zealand dollars or in their home currency.

New Zealand health services are also of a very high standard, although they are not free for travellers. Advise your clients to purchase comprehensive travel insurance before leaving home. For minor health complaints and over-the-counter medications, visitors should ask for advice at a pharmacy or chemist (the New Zealand equivalent of a drug store). New Zealand’s education system is also world-class and it attracts students from all over the world who are keen to sample the Kiwi lifestyle. Those interested in New Zealand educational opportunities should visit For many, a taste is not enough. If your clients are interested in immigrating to New Zealand, you’ll find a good range of consultants to assist with paperwork, gaining employment, and the logistics of shifting possessions overseas. Suggest that your clients consult the New Zealand Immigration Service for information and advice on immigration requirements.

Information Services

Information is power when it comes to selling New Zealand travel. The nation’s Regional Tourism Organisations are an excellent resource for travel industry professionals.

Regional Tourism Organisations

New Zealand’s network of Regional Tourism Organisations (RTOs) are responsible for promoting their region within New Zealand and abroad. Working closely with Tourism New Zealand, they formulate marketing strategies to raise awareness of their region among consumers, wholesalers, retail travel agents and the media. Most RTOs maintain a website offering information, advice and operator listings, or you can contact them directly for assistance.

i-SITE Visitor Information

Once they arrive in New Zealand, your clients can visit i-SITE Visitor Information Centres at numerous locations throughout the country for information, advice and assistance with bookings.

Conventions & Incentives New Zealand

Assistance in planning conferences and events is also easy to find. Conventions and Incentives New Zealand offers free assistance with event planning. Visit their websites or contact the relevant regional Convention Bureau.


As an island nation, New Zealand is free of many pests and diseases that afflict other nations. MAF Biosecurity New Zealand is charged with ensuring it stays this way.

A division of New Zealand’s Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, MAF Biosecurity New Zealand is responsible for New Zealand’s biosecurity in order to protect the environment from foreign pests and diseases. When arriving in New Zealand, all visitors must declare any items of potential risk and present them for inspection if requested. Ensure your clients are aware of their responsibilities, as failing to declare items of risk may result in an instant fine or prosecution. Some visitors may find the level of biosecurity in New Zealand very different to what they are used to at home. It’s a good idea to remind them that New Zealand has a clean, green environment that must be protected.

Risk items include food of any kind, traditional and herbal medicines, plants and plant products, animals or animal products, equipment used with animals, salt and freshwater products (and items associated with water), sporting and camping equipment, items made of wood, bamboo or straw, and unprocessed wool, feathers or bone.

Industry Organisations

The tourism industry is a significant contributor to the New Zealand economy and, as such, it is supported by a number of government and non-government organisations.

Tourism New Zealand

Tourism New Zealand is an international agency responsible for marketing New Zealand as a visitor destination through print and advertising campaigns. Tourism New Zealand’s International Media Programme brings overseas media to New Zealand each year to promote events. Under the 100% Pure New Zealand global campaign, offshore and domestic events are used to promote the country. The organisation also offers training to overseas trade representatives, including destination and product education, familiarisation trips to New Zealand and public relations activities aimed at travel trade audiences. In addition, Tourism New Zealand also responds to travel trade enquiries. Tourism New Zealand has agencies at locations around the world to provide direct contact in targeted markets, including London, Los Angeles, Sydney, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Seoul, Bangkok and Mumbai.,

TIA New Zealand

The Tourism Industry Association of New Zealand is a membership-based organisation representing New Zealand tourism operators. With 1,700 members, ranging from small owner-operator businesses to large companies, it represents about 85% of the nation’s entire tourism turnover. TIA advocates on behalf of its tourism industry members in order to ensure that their needs are heard. TIA also runs a range of workshops, events and support projects to assist business capability.

Tourism Export Council of New Zealand

The Tourism Export Council of New Zealand (formerly the Inbound Operators Council) is a trade association made up of Inbound Tour Operators (Full Members) and their suppliers (Allied Members) and operates as a link between the suppliers and buyers of New Zealand tourism products. The Tourism Export Council plays a supporting role to expand New Zealand tourism. Regular networking events assist the distribution of New Zealand travel products.

Qualmark Official Quality Mark

“Qualmark allows customers (wholesales, retailers, visitors) to buy with confidence; knowing that a business that has earned the right to use a Qualmark has been through a rigourous assessment process. They can be confident that the business is meeting minimum legal, safety, operational; and facility standards; and alongside the star rating system can make informed decisions about the level of quality and luxury they desire.”

Mark Alderson, Service Delivery Manager, Qualmark