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Why New Zealand?

Ask someone what springs to mind when they think of New Zealand and many will answer: incredible scenery. Films such as The Lord of the Rings have sparked the imagination of the world’s travellers, who have caught onto the fact that New Zealand is a place to experience a back-to-nature experience that is simply beyond compare.

Others will answer: the All Blacks, quickly followed by the haka that team members perform in a stirring and much-loved ritual before the start of international test matches. Certainly, rugby is an important aspect of the New Zealand psyche, but Maori culture is a unique-in-the-world drawcard with rich traditions that encompass stirring performances, stunning carved traditional buildings and waka (canoes), and a fascinating indigenous insight into New Zealand’s precious landscapes and wildlife.

New Zealand has been welcoming the world for many, many decades – in the 19th Century, the Maori people gained a reputation as particularly hospitable hosts – and its people know how to ensure visitors enjoy an unforgettable experience. From author Zane Grey’s books about the thrill of big game fishing in the Bay of Islands to Rudyard Kipling’s declaration that Milford Sound is the ‘eighth wonder of the world’, from A.J. Hackett and Henry van Asch putting Queenstown on the map as the ‘adventure capital of the world’ when they established the world’s first commercial bungy operation in 1988 to Sir Peter Jackson’s insistence on filming the world’s biggest films – The Lord of the Rings trilogy and now The Hobbit – in the unparalleled natural landscapes of New Zealand, this is a place that inspires, excites and reinvigorates.

New Zealand Trade Manual is designed to assist you in planning and booking New Zealand travel experiences for your clients – ensuring they experience the very best of New Zealand’s landscapes and culture. From comprehensive background information about NZ to travel planning tips, as well as PDFs to download for your reference and the latest news about the New Zealand tourism industry, New Zealand Trade Manual has everything you need to plan great travel in Aotearoa.


From the ultimate adventure to utmost luxury, your clients will discover a world of highlights to live, breathe and experience in New Zealand.

  • Incredible landscapes
  • Remarkable wildlife
  • Adventure activities
  • Indulgent relaxation
  • Sophisticated society
  • Friendly locals
  • Fascinating culture
  • Tantalising cuisine

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Human Kiwi Population Approximately 4.4 million Kiwi Bird Population Approximately 70,000 Land Area 268,000 km² Ocean Area 4 million km² (Exclusive Economic Zone) Median Weekly Income NZ$560 Number Of National Parks 14 Area Protected In National Parks 30,850 km² (11.5% of total land area) Oldest National Park Tongariro National Park, established in 1887 Tallest Mountain Aoraki Mount Cook at 3,744 m Climate Though free of major extremes, the weather can be changeable.

Welcome from the Prime Minister

New Zealand is a fantastic part of the world – if you haven’t been to visit us yet, I’d encourage you to come on down. As travel professionals, you know how important it is to make sure visitors get a friendly welcome and have a great time. Read More

New Zealand Seasons

New Zealand has a temperate climate with four distinct seasons and each has its own special highlights. It is important to note that away from alpine areas New Zealand winters are fairly mild, so throughout the year visitors can (and do) get outdoors and enjoy many of the activities that make New Zealand famous.

Spring (Sep – Nov)

  • AKL 18/11˚C I 64/52˚F
  • WGN 15/9˚C I 59/48˚F
  • CHC 17/7˚C I 63/45˚F
  • ROT 17/8˚C I 63/46˚F
  • ZQN 16/6˚C I 61/43˚F

Summer (Dec – Feb)

  • AKL 23/15˚C I 73/59˚F
  • WGN 20/13˚C I 68/55˚F
  • CHC 22/12˚C I 72/54˚F
  • ROT 22/12˚C I 72/54˚F
  • ZQN 22/10˚C I 72/50˚F

Autumn (Mar – May)

  • AKL 20/12˚C I 68/54˚F
  • WGN 17/11˚C I 63/52˚F
  • CHC 18/8˚C I 64/46˚F
  • ROT 18/9˚C I 64/48˚F
  • ZQN 16/6˚C I 61/43˚F

Winter (Jun – Aug)

  • AKL 15/8˚C I 59/46˚F
  • WGN 12/7˚C I 54/45˚F
  • CHC 12/2˚C I 54/36˚F
  • ROT 13/4˚C I 55/39˚F
  • ZQN 9/1˚C I 48/34˚F

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