Conventions & Incentives

Whether you are planning a convention or designing an incentive package, New Zealand is the ideal destination in safety and sheer quality of experience.

A dedicated and well-respected police force and security personnel, political stability, and a position of neutrality in foreign policy all add up to an enviable level of security. The nation has comfortably accommodated the security needs of many well-known dignitaries from all corners of the world.

New Zealand also offers an impressive level of professionalism in conference and incentive organisation. As a popular destination for corporate events, the nation is well prepared to meet your needs and you’ll find that local organisers are experienced and flexible. They reflect the can-do attitude of New Zealanders – who are known for doing whatever it takes to transcend expectations. Make the most of New Zealand’s stunning locations and sense of innovation; work with local organisers to create wholly unique activities that your group will remember for a lifetime. If you want a special event organised, there will be no shortage of creative ideas and one-of-a-kind settings, whether you want to organise an old English tea party in Christchurch or a champagne dinner overlooking the crater of an extinct volcano. Let your imagination run wild!

Assistance in planning your conference or incentive is easy to find. Conventions and Incentives New Zealand is an organisation offering free assistance in planning your event. To find out what they can offer you, see or contact the relevant regional Convention Bureau.

Technical support is also of the highest standard. New Zealand has a high-quality infrastructure that reflects its position as a first-world nation. Excellent transport, telecommunications, broadcasting and printing services complement a clean environment offering good quality air, water and food. Your delegates will find no difficulty in travelling from place to place and living in comfort. Favourable exchange rates for those from many other nations, including Europe, the USA and Australia, also make the nation great value.

New Zealand offers an impressive array of facilities for the conference or incentive planner. Whatever the scale of your event, you’ll have no trouble finding the right venue. In major cities you’ll find purpose-designed, state-of-the-art facilities that will accommodate the largest functions with ease. For smaller functions, take your pick from a myriad of conference centres, often conveniently located in accommodation complexes, scattered the length of the country. If you’re looking for a place where your delegates can get down to business in isolation or enjoy a rejuvenating retreat from the rest of the world, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many conference venues located in stunning scenery and well off the beaten track.

And whether you’re looking for a way to refresh your delegates before the next day’s programme, or whether rest and relaxation is the major purpose of your planning, be assured that you’ve come to the right place. New Zealand offers an impressive array of activities to suit everyone from the thrill-seeker to the person seeking peace and quiet. Bungy jumping, jet boating, fishing, walking or soaking in a hot mineral pool are just a few of the many activities available. If most of your deals are finalised on the golf course, then New Zealand offers a selection of some of the best and most spectacular golf courses in the world. Of course, just taking in the stunning scenery of this antipodean paradise may be entertainment enough!

You’ll also have no problem satisfying the appetites of your delegates. New Zealand is renowned for the highest quality natural produce from land and sea. Talented chefs turn this produce into the finest cuisine. One of the particular specialities in this part of the world is fusion cooking – a combination of influences from around the Pacific that has caught on in restaurants located in style capitals around the world, but finds its supreme form here in its natural home. New Zealand is also lauded for its premium homegrown beers and wines. And at the end of the day, rest assured that your delegates will rest well in quality accommodation. From the ultimate in luxury lodge accommodation, to international-style hotels or comfortable and good-value motels, there’s an option here to suit your needs.

New Zealand offers security, professionalism and a vast array of activities, combined with world-class accommodation against a backdrop of some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. It’s no surprise that New Zealand is becoming an increasingly popular destination for high profile political leaders and celebrities wanting a temporary escape from their demanding lifestyles. Whether you’re planning a convention or an incentive, and whether you’re planning for 10 delegates or 1,000, you’ve come to the right place.


Many visitors to New Zealand come to the end of their holiday and realise that they don’t want to go home. Who could blame them? Making a permanent move to this stunning destination is not only an attractive thought, but a viable one.

New Zealand is a beautiful nation that offers a less stressful lifestyle than many other first world countries. Most people live only a short distance from lush parks and reserves, and no New Zealander is ever more than three hours’ drive from a beach. The environment is safe and clean, with no dangerous animals and a relatively low crime rate, and the range of recreational activities on offer is second to none. The Government is stable and health and education systems are of a high standard. Whether your clients want to live in a big city, in a town or in the country, their lifestyle will be safe, healthy and enjoyable. Besides these undeniable facts, the friendly and welcoming nature of New Zealanders will make any new arrival feel at home.

There are important considerations, however, when weighing up a life-changing move; potential immigrants will need to show that they can satisfy criteria depending on whether they’re planning to immigrate as a skilled migrant or to join family members.

If your clients are interested in moving to New Zealand, the New Zealand Immigration Service is a good first stop. Visit for a summary of immigration requirements and to find out how to obtain a residence application pack.

A New Zealand Education

Studying abroad improves language skills and broadens the mind, and New Zealand is the first choice for a large number of students seeking a quality overseas education.

New Zealand universities, colleges and other education institutions offer students a unique learning environment. This is supported by an integrated education system in which students attending New Zealand schools and New Zealand English language schools find it easy to make the transition to the next level of education.

Thousands of international students are choosing to study here, to experience a unique learning environment with pioneering educational programmes that will put them at the forefront of their chosen career and give them a head start in the job markets of the future. Inspiring surroundings encourage students to explore new ideas and test their thinking, absorbing the attitude and culture that has bred such individual achievers as Sir Edmund Hillary, Sir William Pickering and Sir Peter Jackson.

Individual success is important to New Zealanders, and free thinkers and innovators are celebrated. The famous ‘Kiwi ingenuity’ is found as much in the education system as it is in the character of the nation. This is an environment in which fresh thinking and new ideas thrive. The country’s world-class institutions provide an education that is highly regarded worldwide, and degrees and qualifications that are respected all over the world. The friendly and welcoming nature of New Zealand people means that new students will quickly settle into their new life, and the safety, stability and high-quality living conditions provide an ideal working and learning environment. New Zealand’s clean, green policies means that even the big cities are a healthy place to be, and the wide range of recreational activities on offer will make sure that students have time to work and play.

New Zealand offers all these advantages and more – the perfect conditions for aspiring people to mature and realise their full potential in life and work. Visit the first choice for education options and information about New Zealand institutions,, for further information.


Investors will find that New Zealand is a great place to do business. The nation has a very efficient, market-oriented economy and a stable and secure business environment that is free of corruption. The business-friendly taxation system supports capital development, research and development and international investment.

A deregulated labour market means maximum flexibility, and the workforce is both highly educated and multi-skilled. Around the world, New Zealanders are prized employees – well-known for high levels of commitment, integrity and ingenuity and a solid work ethic. Flexible labour policies ensure low employee add-on costs and minimal losses of work days to industrial action. The nation also has a sophisticated telecommunications system and an excellent transport system with a comprehensive network of roads and railways, as well as efficient ports and airports.

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand supervises the New Zealand banking system and implements Government monetary policy. It also registers and supervises other banks. Investors will appreciate New Zealand’s open door policy on bank registration. There is a good range of trading banks including many of the big international banks. The currency used in New Zealand is the New Zealand dollar. New Zealand also enjoys the advantage of a competitive time zone, being the first OECD country to start each day.

A strong economic performance and a positive future outlook make New Zealand an ideal investment location. For more information visit