Explain to those seeking an escape from their daily lives about the opportunities for rejuvenation in New Zealand – tranquil wild places, indulgent food and wine, relaxing day spas, soul-satisfying Māori culture and the personal challenge of adventure activities.

Emphasise the good value of a visit to New Zealand by highlighting the strength of their home-country currency.

Express the fact that a visit to New Zealand need not be a once-in-a-lifetime visit that requires a month or longer. The benefits of taking time out from everyday life make even a shorter visit very worthwhile.

Visitors coming for a short visit can be encouraged to focus on just one or two regions – explain to them that the diversity of the nation’s landscape ensures that even within short driving distances, they can be experiencing a wide range of activities.

Clarify the fact that New Zealand is just a 9- to 12-hour flight from many nations on the Pacific Rim and that New Zealand’s national airline has world-leading standards of comfort, with lie-flat beds in Business Premium class and other innovations being rolled out on long-haul routes, such as the Premium Economy Spaceseat and the Economy Skycouch.

Emphasise the ease of travelling in New Zealand. As a first-world nation, the water is safe to drink, food and activities are regulated to ensure their safety, and the roads and infrastructure are well maintained. New Zealanders are renowned as being tolerant and friendly, meaning that visitors from different ethnic and religious backgrounds, and of different sexualities, will all feel welcome.

Tourism New Zealand

Tourism New Zealand offers a number of resources aimed at trade operators that are designed to help sell New Zealand to your clients, give them a picture of what New Zealand has to offer, and start getting excited about it! Visit them at www.traveltrade.newzealand.com for more information and to see how they can help.

Good Reasons for Using an Inbound Tour Operator

  • Easy bookings.
  • Advice from the locals.
  • Trusted service delivery.
  • Specialised itineraries and incentives.
  • Local guides and interpreters.
  • Confidential tariffs and attractive volume rates.
  • Total planning and coordination of tours.
  • The most up-to-date information.
  • Emergencies handled on the spot.