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Experience a thrilling ride in a high-speed jet boat to the base of the Huka Falls – then gaze with wonder at the sight of this immensely powerful waterfall. Up to 220,000 litres of thundering water flows over it every second.

An impressive lake and a triad of volcanoes are the lynchpins of a remarkable landscape. Taupo is an ideal base for exploring, but Turangi is a popular fishing retreat and further south are smaller towns with easy access to outdoor activities. Discover sights that will fix themselves in your memory: 220,000 litres of water per second pouring over Huka Falls, volcanic mountains jutting out of the Central Plateau and early morning sunshine sparkling on Lake Taupo.

Download the Taupo & Ruapehu section from New Zealand Trade Manual 2013

Taupo & Ruapehu (from New Zealand Trade Manual 2013) (1312)


Lake Taupo Australasia’s largest freshwater lake is 616 square kilometres in size – as big as Singapore Island – and offers a myriad of water activities such as swimming, boating and trout fishing. A triad of volcanoes Mount Ruapehu, tallest of the trio at 2,797 metres, is the North Island’s highest mountain and on its slopes are two ski resorts including one of New Zealand’s most popular. Tongariro National Park New Zealand’s oldest national park has dual World Heritage status for its cultural significance to Maori and its remarkable volcanic features. It is the first national park to be gifted by a country’s indigenous people. Huka Falls Here New Zealand’s largest lake drains into its longest river – the Waikato. 220,000 litres of water per second pour over the falls. Tongariro Alpine Crossing The Tongariro Alpine Crossing, widely regarded as New Zealand’s best one-day hike, offers incredible diversity: snow-capped volcanoes, coloured crater lakes, rainforest and waterfalls. National Army Museum Waiouru South of the Desert Road, Waiouru is home to a national treasure, a museum housing New Zealand’s military history that highlights how this has shaped the country’s identity.


Waiouru Popular refreshment stop and the site of New Zealand’s National Army Museum. Taupo Sparkling resort town and main centre of the region. Turangi Trout-fishing capital and wintertime ski resort. Taumarunui Main regional centre and gateway to Whanganui National Park. Whakapapa Village Tiny village in a spectacular setting at the base of Mount Ruapehu. National Park Village Views of the volcanoes and access to Tongariro National Park. Ohakune Wintertime ski resort and home of the ‘Big Carrot’.

Getting There and Around

Air Taupo Airport, 10 minutes from town, offers domestic flights to Auckland and Wellington. Numerous scenic flights, fishing safaris and skydive flights also operate out of Taupo Airport. Road Taupo is located on State Highway 1, midway between Auckland and Wellington. It is 4 hours by road from Auckland and 5 hours, 25 minutes from Wellington. The drive around the eastern side of the lake from Taupo to Turangi takes approximately 40 minutes and is a very scenic journey. Scheduled coach services and shuttle services operate between central Taupo, Ruapehu and popular visitor activities such as the Tongariro Alpine Crossing.

Making the Sale

  • Taupo and Ruapehu are located in the centre of the North Island, making them good bases for exploring.
  • The landscape in these regions is simply stunning – flight-seeing is a good way to take in the scale of Australasia’s largest lake.
  • Fans of The Lord of the Rings will enjoy seeing sites that feature in the films.
  • Wintertime skiing is available south of Lake Taupo on Mount Ruapehu in the Ruapehu region.
  • Fishing is a popular pastime here – Lake Taupo and surrounding rivers are home to trophy-sized trout.

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