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New Zealand is a destination like no other. Renowned for the kind of spectacular scenery showcased in The Lord of the Rings and an array of outdoor adventure activities, it is also known for its cosmopolitan cities, fresh cuisine and fascinating Maori culture.

North Island

Combining natural beauty with city style in a mild climate, the North Island is perfect for a beach holiday, an authentic cultural experience, or retail therapy in one of its vibrant cities. The North Island, gateway to New Zealand for many international visitors, offers a range of landscapes and experiences not found anywhere else in the world. From the northern tip, where swirling seas form an eerie backdrop, to Maori legend, to the culture capital of Wellington, this is an island where abundance knows no bounds. Read More

South Island

From forest-fringed beaches to soaring mountains, the South Island’s spectacular scenery provides an unforgettable backdrop to both adrenaline-pumping adventure and indulgent relaxation. The South Island of New Zealand has all the variety you could imagine – and more. Renowned for its natural beauty, the South Island is an untamed paradise dominated by a rugged and unspoilt landscape. There’s no need for your clients to forgo the comforts of civilisation though, because South Islanders like to balance the wilderness of their surroundings with the best of fine food, wine and accommodation. Read More

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