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Kiwi chick at Kiwi Encounter, Rotorua. Image: Destination Rotorua

The environment may be a new concern for the global tourism industry, but in New Zealand it has always been at the forefront of the visitor experience. After all, many travellers choose New Zealand precisely for its beautiful landscapes and unique wildlife.

New Zealand has 14 national parks and about one-third of its land area is protected in parks and reserves. Kiwi conservation workers are at the forefront of species management, bringing endangered birds and animals back from the brink of extinction. One world-renowned example is that of the Chatham Island Black Robin. In 1980 there were just five birds remaining but the population has now been restored to 250 (and growing!). Tourism and conservation come together at special breeding facilities like Kiwi Encounter in Rotorua and Willowbank Wildlife Reserve in Christchurch, as well as predator-free areas such as ZEALANDIA: The Karori Wildlife Sanctuary Experience and Kapiti Island, where visitors can enjoy a unique glimpse of conservation efforts in action.

But it’s not only in conservation that New Zealand demonstrates a commitment to sustainability. Producing just 0.2% of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions, New Zealand was one of the first countries to pledge a carbon-neutral future. A number of companies have already achieved carboNZero certification, and many other companies are working toward the goal.

Making the Sale
New Zealand Trade Manual Making ‘green’ choices is now recognised as a key part of consumer decision-making. Ensure your customers are aware of ‘green options’ where they are available.
New Zealand Trade Manual Educate your clients about Qualmark Enviro (see below) to help them recognise ‘green options’ when travelling in New Zealand.
New Zealand Trade Manual Sustainability is of particular importance to the New Zealand tourism industry given that many visitors come here to experience a clean, green environment – the industry is committed to delivering a 100% Pure New Zealand experience.
New Zealand Trade Manual New Zealand does not have a formal eco-tourism certification programme but Ecotourism New Zealand defines eco-tourism as businesses which: offer interaction with the natural environment; have low environmental impact, contain an educational aspect; and are owned by the local community.

Sustainable Travel

Help your clients make their visit to New Zealand a sustainable one by passing on the following advice.

Go Green
Help keep NZ beautiful by choosing green options such as car sharing facilities. Or swap the car for hiking and cycling which offer a closer encounter with landscape and wildlife. Just make sure you stick to designated tracks to protect wildlife! When choosing accommodation providers keep an eye out for the Enviro Qualmark and always clear up any rubbish at camping spots. Look for eco-friendly activities and eateries, and keep an eye out for the Qualmark Enviro logo.

Giving Back
Your clients can make their New Zealand holiday extra special by staying and helping out on a Kiwi farm. Willing Workers on Organic Farms (WWOOF) provides visitors with the opportunity to learn sustainable skills and practices. Participants live with a Kiwi family who have made the leap into green-dom and learn all about companion planting, worm farming, composting, preserving and more.
For more information on how your clients can take part, visit

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Qualmark Enviro

Qualmark makes it easy to find operators that practice environmental responsibility. Businesses carrying a Qualmark are assessed on their environmental performance in the areas of energy efficiency, waste management, community activities, water conservation and other initiatives. Top performers receive an Enviro Award of Bronze, Silver or Gold.

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Find out More

The Department of Conservation (DOC) has a wealth of information about the protection and enjoyment of New Zealand’s natural and historic heritage. Go online and find out more at Tourism New Zealand has an online section dedicated to issues of sustainability. [] To help your clients learn more about kaitiakitanga and other Maori perspectives, combine outdoor adventures with a Maori cultural experience. From forest walks and rafting to horse trekking, you’ll find options that are led by Maori guides. []

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