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New Zealand Trade Manual has been designed with travel industry professionals in mind.
  • Selling New Zealand provides you with handy sales tools, quick facts and latest news from the New Zealand travel industry.
  • Travel Planner makes planning New Zealand travel easy. Find itineraries, information on accommodation/transport and more.
  • About New Zealand has everything on New Zealand culture, nature, lifestyle, activities and events that make New Zealand a unique destination.

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Keep up to date with the industry insider and latest news sections, get ideas on ways to see New Zealand, and find quick New Zealand facts – this section puts you in the know. You’ll also find tailored information on how to sell New Zealand.

Industry Insider

Time never stands still in this industry and the year from May 2010 to May 2011 was no exception. It’s been a big year for New Zealand tourism, with many operators making changes in preparation for the major event of 2011 – the Rugby World Cup 2011. Read more

How to Sell New Zealand

New Zealand is a destination that rewards exploration. Beyond the famous scenery and adventure activities are fine wines, buzzing cities and indulgent spas. Read more

Seasonal Information

New Zealand has a temperate climate with four distinct seasons and each has its own special highlights. It is important to note that away from alpine areas New Zealand winters are fairly mild, so throughout the year visitors can (and do) get outdoors and enjoy many of the activities that make New Zealand famous. Read more

Fact File

New Zealand may look far away on the map but it is really just a flight away from several of the world’s major cities: Sydney, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Shanghai, to name a few. It is a technologically and socially advanced nation – in a landscape that’s out of this world! Read more

Ways to See New Zealand

There’s more than one way to see New Zealand – in fact, there are many. Whether your clients are seeking a romantic escape, a fun family holiday, a luxurious retreat or the road trip of a lifetime, New Zealand has options to suit. Read more

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