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Discover an exciting world of New Zealand designer clothing around Vulcan Lane and High Street, Auckland. Image: Tourism New Zealand. Photo by Fraser Clements.

In its cities and towns – and in surprising locations off the beaten track – New Zealand offers an abundance of tempting shopping opportunities.

Making the Sale
New Zealand Trade Manual New Zealand’s Goods and Services Tax rate is 15%. Tax information is available at
New Zealand Trade Manual Although New Zealand does not have a GST refund scheme, visitors can shop tax free at many retailers. Visitors can show their international plane ticket at a registered GST-free (duty-free) retailer and their items will be sent to the airport to collect on departure.
New Zealand Trade Manual Your clients may not be aware that New Zealand is a great place for shopping. Its cities might not be huge on an international scale, but the nation offers a wide array of excellent galleries, designer stores and tempting fashion boutiques.

Souvenir shops are easy to find (usually clustered around attractions or in downtown areas) and they’re a great source of easy-to-pack gifts, but encourage your clients to explore a little further and discover New Zealand’s unique arts, crafts, homeware, clothing and culinary treasures. Excellent boutiques and galleries can be found anywhere from the heart of the bigger cities to country lanes and beach towns – Tirau, in the Waikato region, and Otaki, on the Kapiti Coast north of Wellington, are good examples. These small towns on State Highway 1 have become retail hot-spots, enticing passing travellers to stop for lunch and a little retail therapy on their journey.

Arts and Crafts

New Zealand Trade Manual Original art is a wonderful memento of favourite New Zealand places.
New Zealand Trade Manual Look for art and craft trails to follow and visit working artists in their studios.

New Zealand has a long tradition of beautiful arts and crafts, dating back to pre-European times. Today, there is a wonderful array of artistic treasures drawing on a range of cultural influences and ranging from traditional to contemporary. Art galleries, and the workshops of potters, glass blowers, sculptors, wood turners and jewellers, are great places to purchase arts and crafts. Follow an art and craft trail to find them Your clients might like to look for works of art incorporating Maori cultural symbols. The koru (spiral) stands for new beginnings, the hei matai (fish hook) depicts prosperity and strength, the bird-like manaia is a spiritual guardian and the hei tiki is a good luck charm.

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New Zealand Fashion

New Zealand Trade Manual New Zealand designer fashion more than holds its own on the world stage.
New Zealand Trade Manual Browse big-name boutiques and look for work by up-and-coming designers.

New Zealand designer fashion is world class. Labels such as Untouched World, Trelise Cooper and Karen Walker have been exporting to the world’s fashion capitals for years and have developed a loyal international following. If your clients are interested in fashion, suggest that they seize the chance to visit the boutiques of these and other big-name designers to find out what all the fuss is about.

Up-and-coming local designers are always an exciting find for fashionistas. Fashion-forward boutiques, such as those your clients will find in the shopping precincts listed below, are a good starting point for discovering what is new and hot in New Zealand designer fashion. Your clients may like to visit to learn about New Zealand fashion and design.

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Outdoor Equipment

New Zealand Trade Manual New Zealand is renowned for high quality outdoor clothing.
New Zealand Trade Manual Your clients will find a wide range of outdoor equipment available.

Outdoor clothing and camping essentials are widely available from outdoor equipment stores and it may be better for your clients to purchase gear for their adventures here in New Zealand rather than bringing it with them. For high-quality items such as hiking boots, sleeping bags, packs, tents, waterproof jackets and accessories, try Kathmandu, Bivouac and Macpac. Outdoor clothing specialists, from high-quality Merino undergarments to T-shirts and shorts for relaxing, include Icebreaker, Swanndri, Chalky Digits and Cactus. Top quality outdoor clothing is a New Zealand speciality.

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Markets are a good place to purchase gifts and mementos while enjoying the atmosphere and feasting on gourmet treats. Visitors will find everything from craft markets to farmers’ markets throughout New Zealand. Auckland’s Otara Market is a Pacific-flavoured highlight where visitors can taste Pacific Island culinary specialities. Others to look for include the Nelson Market, Rotorua Night Market, Wellington’s Frank Kitts Underground Market and Creative Queenstown Arts and Crafts Market.

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Shopping Precincts

Each town and city has its own shopping areas, but there are some particular highlights you should tell your clients about.

New Zealand Trade Manual Auckland Newmarket, Parnell and the city centre (Vulcan Lane, High Street, Chancery).
New Zealand Trade Manual Wellington Willis Street and Lambton Quay (home to iconic Kirkcaldie & Stains).
New Zealand Trade Manual Dunedin George and Princes Streets for art and local fashion.
New Zealand Trade Manual Christchurch Merivale is a highlight for fashion and design.

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