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From the ultimate adventure to utmost luxury, your clients will discover a world of highlights to live, breathe and experience in New Zealand.

Incredible landscapes

Made famous by The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, New Zealand’s spectacular landscapes span rugged mountains and forest-cloaked valleys, exquisite turquoise lakes and golden beaches.
Flight-seeing by helicopter or fixed-wing plane.

Remarkable wildlife

In New Zealand, visitors can see and interact with a range of wildlife, from giant whales and magnificent seabirds to unique forest bird species that exist nowhere else on earth.
Swimming with dolphins on a boat cruise.

Adventure activities

New Zealand has a big reputation for adventure activities from ‘soft adventures’ like kayaking and hiking to extreme thrills such as bungy jumping, black-water rafting or globe riding.
Challenging personal limits with a bungy jump.

Indulgent relaxation

There is an abundance of hot mineral pools in New Zealand – many of them offering on-site day spas – and boutique lodges in remote settings are a local speciality for those seeking the ultimate in luxurious accommodation.
Enjoying an indulgent soak in a hot pool.

Sophisticated society

Although famous for its untouched wilderness areas, New Zealand is a modern, sophisticated and urban society that is open-minded, innovative and represents a melting pot of different cultures.
Spending time exploring the nation’s cities.

Friendly locals

Visitors to New Zealand will enjoy a genuine Kiwi welcome from people renowned worldwide for their honesty, candour and friendliness. Time and again visitors list this as a major highlight.
Bonding with new friends in a country pub.

Fascinating culture

New Zealand’s Maori culture is unique in the world and it is very accessible to any visitor. Learning Maori traditions is an unforgettable way to experience a slice of New Zealand culture.
Visiting a marae and tasting a traditional hangi.

Tantalising cuisine

Visitors who appreciate fine food are in for a welcome surprise. New Zealand offers the freshest produce from land and sea, prepared by creative chefs and accompanied with premium New Zealand wine.
Enjoying lunch – and fine wine! – at a vineyard.

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