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Two of the South Island‘s big activity operators have announced they’ll join forces. Southern Discoveries has invested in a 50% shareholding in the world’s very first commercial jet boat company, Kawarau Jet.

Southern Discoveries’ General Manager John Robertson says: ‘Kawarau Jet is an extremely well-run business with a very strong brand. We are both already well established in the tourism market but with very different clients, so we see this as a way of continuing to grow both businesses through this joint representation.’ And Kawarau Jet Director Andrew Brinsley, who is proud of Kawarau Jet’s status as an iconic Queenstown brand, is just as excited about the recent developments: ‘I’ve been with Kawarau Jet for eleven years and [...] will be particularly excited to participate in setting the platform for an exciting new stage in the company’s history.’

In 1989, Kawarau Jet was the first company to introduce roll bars onto commercial jet boats and they introduced the concept of twin engines, which is now an industry standard, in 1995. The company currently operates eight jet boats in the Kawarau and Shotover Rivers.

Skeggs Group Managing Director Davis Skeggs says: ‘We’re all in this for the long haul and we’re delighted to have the continued expertise and knowledge of Shaun, as Director, and Andy, as Board Chair, at the helm of Kawarau Jet. When you add in the loyalty factor of long-term staff on board, iconic products in iconic destinations, the future is exciting.’

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