Christchurch Puts the Welcome Mat Out to Australians

01 October 2012

Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism, in association with the Canterbury Tourism Partnership, have launched a new campaign aimed at drawing Australian visitors to Christchurch.

Also strongly supported by Christchurch Airport, the campaign is called Christchurch Reimagined and is aimed at challenging Australians’ perceptions of Christchurch by demonstrating how the South Island’s gateway city has changed since the earthquakes and developed a creative and exciting new identity.

CEO of Christchurch Airport Jim Boult is right behind the campaign: “This is a great initiative and we fully support it. The number of Australians arriving here has dropped since the earthquakes, largely because many still think the city is broken and dull.”

“How wrong they are! There’s a lot going on, plenty to see and more to do every week, as new places open … all of which also means job opportunities for young Aussies who might want to stay a while.”