Christchurch to remain main tourism gateway

03 March 2011

After last week’s earthquake Christchurch International Airport is currently working closely with the tourism industry to ensure Christchurch can remain a major gateway for tourists travelling in New Zealand’s South Island.

Christchurch International Airport’s Chief Executive Jim Boult says: “Keeping [the tourism] industry alive and thriving is vital to the renewal of Christchurch and the well-being of the South Island economy.”

Despite the recent events New Zealand is still a great place to visit and tourists can continue to fly in and out of Christchurch. With 95% of Christchurch’s motels being operational, the approximately 1900 motel rooms will be able to accommodate travellers as soon as the emergency response personnel have moved out. Christchurch Airport, Regional Tourism Offices and airlines will meet next week to work on solutions for maintaining New Zealand’s strong tourism industry.

In 2009/10, Christchurch Airport, which is the second carbon neutral airport in the world, welcomed 6 million travellers, making it New Zealand’s second largest airport. Jim Boult says: “We have always been the major gateway for international travellers to come to the South Island and we still intend to be.”