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ZORB Rotorua is home of the Zorb and a must-do Rotorua adventure activity. The only Zorb site in New Zealand, we’ve been operating for over 15 years with hundreds of thousands of happy ZORBonauts. There are two ride variations to choose from, a wet (ZYDRO) and a dry (ZORBIT) ride, down four different tracks – two Fast Lanes (straight), the world-famous Zig-Zag Track and brand-new The Drop. Photos and in-ride videos are available and every customer gets a free photo upload to Facebook. Anyone six years and up can roll with us.

Operating hours: Winter 9am – 5pm, summer 9am – 7pm. What to bring: Towel and change of clothes for Zydro Ride. Restrictions: Min age: Zydro Ride 6 years, Zorbit Ride 10 years. Price: $30 – $90.

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