Tourism update after Christchurch’s earthquake

09 September 2010

After the 7.1 earthquake that shook Canterbury in the early morning of Saturday 4 September, Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism have now released a positive statement.

Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism are grateful to be receiving help from the Tourism Industry Association, Tourism NZ and the Ministry of Economic Development, and seeing how the community works together makes Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism sure they will emerge from these hard times stronger than ever. Chair Paul Bingham says: “The tourism industry has been through a number of challenges in the last decade. We have always come through these challenges and we will certainly come through this one.”

At the moment Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism is focusing on the here and now, putting their priority on the well-being and safety of everyone’s families, their team and of course customers. Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism is relieved to communicate that most tourism assets are intact, operational and open for business. Paul Bingham also stresses that even though some beautiful old buildings have received red stickers this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re lost forever.

Paul Bingham says: “We will continue to provide outstanding experiences, and our people and the interactions we have with our visitors are central to that, and more important than bricks and mortar. The spirit and passion of Cantabrians will prevail.”