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Our Blue Penguins nest close to town under the cliffs along the historic harbour foreshore. During the day penguins are either out at sea fishing, or in their burrows. Day tours take visitors behind the scenes into the breeding area to see penguins up close in their burrows. Penguin numbers vary from day to day; staff can advise how many visitors will see. Evening viewing allows visitors to see the penguins arrive home after a day’s fishing, walk up the stony ramp and cross into the breeding colony.

Capacity: 350 (60 for premium evening viewing). Duration: 15 – 40 minutes (day), 60 – 90 minutes (night). Season: All year. Operating hours: Daily from 10am. Fitness level: Low. What to bring: Warm clothes. Restrictions: No photographs/video during evening viewing or in ‘Blue Wing’. Price: $12 – $35.

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